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AM1139S AM1139S


1) 高性能 穩壓器 穩壓器 (LDO)(LDO) (LDO)(LDO)
3) 輸出短路 保護電路 保護電路 (OCP)(OCP)(OCP)(OCP)(OCP)
4) LED 輸出單元
5) 低靜態工作電流 低靜態工作電流
6) 過熱保護電路 過熱保護電路
7) 過熱保護自動回復 過熱保護自動回復 過熱保護自動回復
8) 表面貼裝 型封表面貼裝 型封(SOP(SOP (SOP-16 )
9) 內置 OSCOSC 震盪頻率 震盪頻率 (Typ=128kHz)(Typ=128kHz)(Typ=128kHz)(Typ=128kHz)(Typ=128kHz) (Typ=128kHz)(Typ=128kHz)(Typ=128kHz)
10) 內置整合 RX2RX2RX2電


The AM1139S is combination of two-channel H-Bridge driver for DC motor and RX receiver IC.   The AM1139S integrates the Motor and Logic supply Pins and a built-in Low Dropout Regulator (LDO).The AM1139S provides a high integrated motor-driver solution for R/C Car applications with the internal LED flashing signal output units. The output driver block consists of N-channel and P-channel power MOSFETs configured as two H-bridge to drive motor winding.
The AM1139S operates on two motor and a device power-supply voltage from 2.7 V to 6.8 V. CH_L/R can supply up to 0.8A of output continuous current and 2.0 A of output maximum current ; CH_F/B can supply up to 1.3A of output continuous current and 2.5 A of output maximum current. The AM1139S supports an internal shutdown function for Over-temperature protection (TSDp = 130℃ ) , Over-temperature protection recover (TSDr = 90℃ ) and a built-in Low Dropout Regulator(LDO).
Its package material is Pb-Free for the purpose of environmental protection and for the sustainable development of the Earth.
  • Applications: R/C Car

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