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AM1219S AM1219S


1) Surface mount package (SOP-16)
2) Built-in steady voltage output
3) Lower supply current
4) Lower VCC standby current
5) Lower MOSFETs On-resistance
6) Over-temperature protection
7) Over-temperature protection recover
8) Over-current protection (CH_B&C)


The AM1219S is a three-channel driver for DC motors and it integrates the Motor and Logic supply Pins.   The AM1219S provides a high integrated motor-driver solution for Helicopters.  The output driver block consists of two open-drain N-MOS; one H-bridge to drive motor winding and a built-in Low Dropout Linear Regulator (LDO).The built-in LDO output voltage can be used to the microcontroller (MCU), the gyroscopes (GYRO)…etc.
The AM1219S operates on a device power-supply voltage from 3.0 V to 6.5 V. CH_A can supply up to 0.8A of output continuous current and 2.0 A of output maximum current ; CH_B and CH_C can supply up to 3.0A of output continuous current and 4.0 A of output maximum current.
The AM1219S has internal shutdown function for Over-temperature protection (TSDp = 150゚C ) , Over-temperature protection recover (TSDr = 125゚C ) , Power reverse-connect protection to prevent the IC damage in any wrong using ,the CH_B/CH_C have the shutdown function for Over-current protection(IOCP = 4.5 A) and the built-in LDO output voltage VLDO=2.94 V。
Its package material is Pb-Free and Halogen-Free (Green) for the purpose of environmental protection and for the sustainable development of the Earth.
  • Applications: RC Helicopter

Data Sheet

AM1219S V1.0.pdf
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