pin assignment

AM308 AM308


1)Built-in hall-effect sensor.
2)Operation voltage 2.0 to 6.5V.
3)Direct PWM speed control.
4)Lock detection/Automatic restart circuit.
5)Rotating speed pulse signal (FG) output.
6)Built-in turbo start up (overcome friction).
7)Soft switched drive for silent application.
8)Thermal shutdown protection (TSD).
9)Auto gain control function (AGC).
10)Built-in Hall Signal Offset Cancellation Technical
11)Stand by Mode (PWM=L>70ms)


The AM308 is a single phase full-wave fan motor driver IC with built-in hall sensor. Rotation speed can be controlled by PWM input signal. The device contains rotating speed pulse detection output (FG), output soft switching, lock protection and thermal shutdown protection. Maximum output current is 1A. The device is available in TSOT26-FL package.  
Single Phase DC Motor. 

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