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AM8919 AM8919


1) Operation voltage 3.3 to 15V
2) Direct PWM speed control
3) Built-in FG & RD
4) Soft start function
5) Forward and Reverse control
6) Lock detection/Automatic restart function
7) Over current limiter
8) Over-voltage protection
9) Thermal shutdown protection
10) Soft switching technique to reduce acoustic noise


The AM8919 is a 3-phase sensor-less DC fan motor driver IC. It senses the BEMF (Back
Electro-Motive Force) of the motor in rotation and provides corresponding commutation current to the
motor. Rotation speed can be controlled by PWM input signal. The drivers include Lock Detection,
Thermal Shutdown, and Over-current limiter. Maximum output current is 1000mA.

Data Sheet

AM8919 V1.11.pdf
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