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AM2009 AM2009


Wide supply voltage range up to 10V
Maximum continuous current output up to 2.0A
Built-in low offset OP, optimized for current sense function
Low RDS(ON) for high efficient H-bridge output.
DFN 3X3 package for small size PCB layout
Over current protection
Over temperature protection
Low standby current
Low quiescent current


The AM2009 is one channel H-Bridge driver with a built in low offset OP. It provides integrated motor-driver solution for high current power motion control applications. The output driver block consists of N-channel and P-channel power MOSFETs configured as H-Bridge to drive DC motor.
The AM2009 maximum operating voltage is 10V. It can supply up to 2.0A of output continuous current and 3.5A of output peak current. There are internal shutdown function for over-temperature protection and over-current protection (IOCP = 3.5 A).
Package material is Halogen-Free Green Product & RoHS compliant for the purpose of environmental protection and for sustainable development of the Earth.
   Robotics (R/C servo, Sweeping robot)
   Small Appliances (Reduce PCB surface area and perimeter)
   Any relevant DC motor applications.

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